Sunday, September 29, 2013

JCDL 2013 Minute Madeness

On July 24, 2013, I attended the poster session in JCDL 2013 conference at Indianapolis, IN. In this session, I had a poster entitled "ArcLink: Optimization Techniques to Build and Retrieve the Temporal Web Graph" (The poster is also available as tech report on arXiv:1305.5959). ArcLink is an extension for the Wayback Machine that can extract, preserve, and deliver the web graph for the web archived data. ArcLink extracts efficiently the web graph (also known as link structure) from the archive data that may be on WARC or WAT format using Hadoop and PigLatin. The preservation depends on Cassandra db. The delivery phase uses JAVA web services to deliver the web graph in RDF/XML format. ArcLink code is available on googlecode.

JCDL has its own convention for Minute Madness, every poster's author has 60 sec to give the audience an idea about his poster in order to attract the people to come and see his poster. These 60 sec are open for madness. My minute madness idea came from the relation between WayBack Machine and ArcLink. Wayback Machine is the original tool and ArcLink is just an extension. As my son, Yousof, was with me in the conference, we prepared two t-shirts: one printed with Wayback Machine logo and the other with ArcLink logo. I shared the t-shirts with Yousof and we were ready for the madness.

I had the chance to present this work at IIPC GA 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The presentation video is also available on YouTube.

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  1. Congratulation, you have excellent presentation skills and your kid is so cute and funny. God bless you and your family.