Sunday, July 8, 2012

Twitter as a source of knowledge

For a long time, I used to search for a centralized place to get an overview about the latest news in the tech world. I tried many options, email subscription to tech magazines, RSS feeds, or even following the tech programs in TV. But nothing of these sources fitted my desire to get overview, general, diverse until I became an active on my new friend 'Twitter' with @aalsum. The beauty of the twitter is the diversity of the sources based on the diversity of who you are following. You can categorize them later using the Lists, so you can focus on specific topic instead of running through the timeline. Until now, I'm not familiar with the communication style of Twitter (mentions or replies) but I think the comments style in facebook is much easier.

I would like to share with  you my favorite list about the web archiving "Archivist". It is a combination of some of the active accounts related to the Web Archiving.

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